What Does it Mean to Be First?

If you drive in the Louisville area, you most likely have noticed UofL Health Care’s billboards and other advertising that declare University of Louisville Hospital and the Brown Cancer Center as “First”…

  • First Nationally Accredited Breast Center in Kentucky
  • First Certified Stroke Center in Kentucky
  • First Trauma Center in the Nation

These pronouncements sound impressive, but what does this really mean? What does it really mean to our community and our organization – our physicians, nurses and employees — to be “First”? Most importantly, what does it mean for our patients and their families? 

What is the purpose of accreditation, and what is its value for a health care facility? Accreditation:

  • Inspires a culture of excellence
  • Demonstrates to community we care about high quality and safety of patient care
  • Tells all our community partners about our constant culture of continuous quality improvement

The core mission of every health care organization must be to help patients. So, being “first” isn’t about winning the race, it is about being the health care institution that people can trust to turn to when their diagnosis is serious.

Being First In Our State…and Nation 

As an academic medical center, we are always teaching. Teaching new procedures. Teaching new nurses. Teaching new doctors. Sharing new methods and procedures and information. By creating the knowledge to heal and sharing our expertise with others in the state, our regional program is making a huge impact on the quality of health in thousands of lives every day. Being “First” can also mean being the best:

First Nationally Accredited Breast Center in Kentucky.

First Certified Stroke Center in Kentucky.

First Trauma Center in Nation.

All of these distinctions can’t be dismissed – they often make a life-and-death difference for our patients. In fact, patients may understand that our physicians and nurses are world-class. They may know we are on the cutting edge of technical advancements and expertise. They may hear we have the very best available treatments for their diagnoses. All that may get them in the door.

But ultimately what will bring them back?

Having patient-centered experiences that they share with others because they knew we truly cared about them as people.

Being “First” with Patients

This month, and in November and December, you will meet three patients who benefited from the fact that we are “First” in breast cancer treatment, stroke and trauma care. Beyond our quality of treatment, though, what they said is that they received exemplary care and extraordinary compassion. They knew they mattered in our eyes. They felt like they were put “First.”

On television and in advertisements, on this website and at special events, you will meet Paige, Andrew and Brad. They are three very different patients – but each one is a strong, unique survivors who has an amazing story to tell.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment and meet Paige, the first success story we’ve spotlighted. Get to know her – she’s an amazing person and truly a survivor!

You won’t be able to miss the other two either over the next few months. What you will find is that each one of them has a compelling story and message to share that will make you want to know each one of them even more.